Amanda GreensteinWelcome back to our member highlights for the BASE Fitness Challenge! This week we talked with Amanda Greenstein, to get her take on Fitness Programming at PGPDX.

PASSPORT-1So Amanda, What was your first group fitness class at Planet Granite?  Had you participated in group fitness before?

Amanda: Cycle with Lindsay.  Yes, I took some fitness classes for credit in college and found myself more motivated to work out in groups and with a good instructor than I would be on my own.

What made you chose to take a class?

Amanda: I recently moved to Portland and was introduced to climbing at Planet Granite through friends.  I love climbing, but I wanted to get more of a cardio workout and build strength outside of climbing.

What are your goals for inside of the gym? 

Amanda: I typically climb 3-5 days a week and am trying to also do fitness classes just as much as I am climbing to improve my overall fitness.  It would be awesome if fitness classes enabled me to be a better climber too!

And your goals for outside of the gym? 

Amanda: Just to feel good about myself and work on eating healthier.

How have the group fitness classes at Planet Granite helped you achieve these goals?

Amanda: Whenever I go to a fitness class, I notice that I feel better about my day.  The instructors and also going to classes with friends, motivate me to keep it up and keep improving myself.  Plus, I would say my climbing is improving as well!

What are some of the biggest differences you have noticed in your body since taking classes? 

Amanda: I feel stronger and better about myself.

Amanda Greenstein

What are some of the biggest differences you have noticed in your climbing? 

Amanda: More stamina on the wall.  I’m able to climb longer and harder routes with less stopping.

What are you looking forward to achieving in the next 3, 6, and 12 months? 

Amanda: I just want to keep with the workouts I’ve been doing.  I don’t measure my success based on losing weight or how I look in the mirror, but how I feel about my body and my overall happiness.

Remember, you too, can be like Amanda swim with sea turtles, and participate in the BASE Fitness Challenge to improve your conditioning in November!  For the more information on the challenge, go here.   For the sea turtle part…try asking Amanda.