Meet Larissa! Larissa is one of our Yoga Instructors in San Francisco.

Who are you? What do you teach?

I was born and raised in Marin County, but made a home for myself in Santa Barbara where I lived for the past seven years before moving back to the Bay. I moved there for UCSB & the beach, but stayed for the yogi community. My Power Yoga teacher training led to a huge perspective shift, and a deeper understanding of my Self. I have been teaching anywhere from one to fifteen Power or Vinyasa classes a week since the day I got my certification, and fall a little deeper in love with yoga every time.

What benefits can Power Flow lead to if done routinely?

In terms of exercise, Power Flow yoga is low impact but highly effective. Practicing regularly can supplement other physical activities such as climbing or running, bringing down your risk of strain or injury! The slow burn of a Power class in a warm room can lead to long term, sustainable weight loss. I attribute my 30lb weight loss to practicing Power 3x a week over the slow course of a full year, paired with a mindful and nutrient-rich diet.

How do you keep your yogis motivated during class?

It is my goal as your teacher to cultivate a space wherein you feel supported, guided with clear cues, and prompted to truly engage in your experience on and off the mat. I play the music that I personally dig in the moment, and aim to deliver an experience that is lively and upbeat while creating space for you to contemplate and explore yourself.

What experience should a yogi have before coming to your class for the first time?

First time yogis are welcome! I feel that my teaching style serves new yogis as well as those with plenty of experience in that I prioritize giving basic and subtle cues that can be applied by all. I encourage yogis to enter the space ready to listen, trust themselves and their instincts, and try new things!

Favorite pose or stretch? Why? 

I practice half-shoelace pose almost daily. It is an effective hip opener, as well as a stretch for the erector spinae in forward-leaning variations. I feel a great release both physically and emotionally in this pose; in it I learn to create calmness in times of productive discomfort, and replace my initial anxiety instinct with one of patience and endurance!

Check out Larissa’s classes in SF:

Tuesday 6:30pm – Power
Friday 6:30am – Power