Getting a Planet Granite membership is like opening a door to opportunities. If you visit the gym more than a few times a month, a membership offers a great deal on pricing and gives you a multitude of advantages. Not only do our members enjoy full access to our gym, yoga classes, climbing, and most fitness classes, they also receive a 10% discount at PG Gear Shops, discounts on climbing classes and workshops, guest passes, access to member only after hour climbing events, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a membership? What do I need to provide?

Bring your photo ID and a form of payment (cash, check, Visa/MC) to the front desk and we’ll get you all set up!

Monthly memberships are billed directly to a checking account. You can bring your routing number and account number in at sign up OR submit them via our online membership form here.

Family and Student sign ups may need to provide proof of status. See the question below for details on who needs proof and how to submit this information.

Who needs to submit student or family proof?

Students 18 and older must provide proof of full time student status. High School students can submit a copy of their student ID. College students must submit documentation of current, full time student status. A printout of your courses showing your name, the current term, and the units per class/total units enrolled for the term can be submitted to the front desk or via the form found here.

Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, and graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units.

Please note: Student Monthly members must re-submit student proof each fall in order to remain at the student rate. Yearly student members must re-submit proof in order to renew their yearly membership.

Family proof, showing that the adults on the membership reside at the same address, must be submitted by significant others in a committed relationship. Roommates do not qualify. Married couples and domestic partners do not need to provide proof of address. Proof of address includes: copies of drivers licenses, copies of bills or account statements, or lease agreements. These documents can be submitted to the front desk or via the form found here.

Can I bring someone as a guest if I have a membership?

There are 3 different ways to bring a guest to the gym. Please note that guest passes cannot be used when a membership is frozen.

Anytime Pass –
Each member receives 6 guest passes per calendar year and can use a maximum of 1 per month. These passes do not accrue or roll into the next calendar year, and are tracked on your check in screen, so no need to bring anything extra – just check in at the front desk! Gear rental is not included.

Guest Night – 1st Friday
Bring one guest for free after 5pm on the 1st Friday of every month! Gear rental is not included.

Belay Class – Need a friend to belay you? … we’ll teach them for free!
Reserve up to two (2) guest spots per day in our scheduled belay lessons. Lessons can be booked through the front desk at no charge – let the front desk know you’re a member when booking the lesson for a guest and then be with them when they come to check in for the class. Remember – belay lessons are always free for you! As an added bonus for your guests (and new climbing buddies), gear rental and use of the facility after the lesson is all included!

Can I put my membership on hold if I know I won’t be using it?

Yes! We know stuff comes up, so all monthly and yearly members can freeze their membership at a cost of $10 per month. Freezes must be at minimum of 1 month at a time.

Monthly members – Monthly members – Freezes must begin on the 1st of a month, and the deadline to request a freeze is last day of the prior month. (Example: to freeze beginning June 1st, the request must be submitted by May 31st). To unfreeze (or thaw) your membership, monthly members can either set up an automatic thaw on the 1st of an upcoming month OR they can come into the gym and thaw same day.
To thaw automatically on the 1st of a month, members should select the thaw date at the time they make the freeze request, or any time before the 1st of their thaw month. Just as with the freeze request deadline, the deadline to request an automatic thaw is the day before the 1st of that month.
To start back up at any time mid-month, prorated membership dues will be owed for the rest of that month in addition to the $10 freeze fee billed on the 1st of that month.
Freezes (as well as automatic thaws) can be requested via the online change form found here.. Additional changes and questions can be directed to

Yearly and 3-Month Prepaid members – Freezes can begin at any time, and the freeze fee will be prorated by the number of days, based on a $10 per month freeze fee. Yearly members will be given extra time at the end of their year after the freeze dues fees are paid. Please email to request a freeze of your yearly membership.

Family memberships – Freezes can be done for all or part of the family. Monthly membership dues will be adjusted based on the number of members that remain active, or will be a total of $10 per month if all members are frozen. Yearly and 3-Month Prepaid memberships must be frozen with or by calling 415-692-3433 x105

30 Day (Short Term) Memberships – Freezes cannot be placed on a 30 Day membership.

Contact us at with any additional questions or to freeze your yearly membership.

To freeze your monthly membership or for additional requests, please feel free to submit a membership change request here.

How does the billing process work?

Yearly, 3-Month and 30 Day memberships are paid in full up front, so there is no ongoing billing. All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Monthly membership fees are auto debited from your bank account each month. To set this up, you’ll submit your routing and account numbers directly through our online change form found here.

We bill by calendar month, so all changes to monthly billing must be submitted before the 1st. Billing is posted on the 1st of the month and hits customers’ accounts within 2-3 business days depending on their bank. The charge is for the full calendar month. For example, June dues post on June 1st and hit accounts within 2-3 business days.

Monthly Charges appear on your account as ‘Planet Granite.’ Billing will continue until written request to cancel is received.

How can I change my billing account?

New account and routing information can be submitted via our online change form here.

How do I cancel my membership?

Monthly memberships must be cancelled in writing and can be done by filling out a form at the front desk, submitting an online form here, or emailing Yearly and Prepaid memberships are non-refundable.

All cancellations take effect at the end of a calendar month; cancellations cannot be prorated to cancel mid-month.

We respond to every cancellation request! If you email or submit a form and haven’t received confirmation within 2 business days, please be sure the email was sent to the correct address then contact us immediately – 415.692.3433 x105.

As of the 1st you are committed to that calendar month.

What is my home gym and how does it affect me?

Your home gym is either where you sign up for membership or the gym you visit most frequently. Since some of our locations have different membership rates, your home gym determines your monthly/yearly rate.

Life and job changes happen so we keep an eye on gym visits monthly, and your home gym may change if a different location is predominately visited. Don’t worry though! We’ll reach out to you via email if this is the case, so please be sure your contact information in our system is current.