111130 - 2011 FLYER.pdf - stacey collver climbathon
Every year, Planet Granite Sunnyvale hosts a benefit climb for Stacey, who not only received a double-lung transplant 7 years ago, but still climbs regularly!

Mt. Everest Climb-a-thon 2011

Set a goal, get sponsors, and climb as many vertical feet as possible in 3 hours!  Together, we will climb 29,029 feet!  You can register at the front desk.

Sunday, Dec. 4th, 1-4 pm
Planet Granite Sunnyvale
815 Stewart Dr.   Sunnyvale, CA

PLUS!  A special Silent Auction for Mt. Everest Climbers/Volunteers! We will bid for a weekend at Hans Florine’s Yosemite home, valued at $720! You could strike a deal! You must be present to win, so please, come place your bid this Sunday! For more information on the house, go to

Organ transplantation works!  Because of her donor,   Stacey has lived and climbed 7 years after her own lungs failed.  Are you an organ donor?  You could save up to 8 different lives.

Bishop, summer of 2003
Stacey Li Collver had a rare form of lung cancer called Lymphoangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and underwent a double-lung transplant 7 years ago.  With her new lungs, while only 60% of normal, she is currently staying strong and back in the climbing world. However, she has an uncertain future. Her delicate immune system (1/3 of normal) keeps her from working full-time, and a common cold could land her in the ICU at the hospital. The average lifespan of a lung recipient is 5 years.

For more information, please get an information packet at the front desk, or call Stacey Collver at 408-660-0633. You can also reach her at