Mammut Transformer

Looking for a rope that is completely unique AND environmentally friendly?

Look no further than the Mammut Transformer, winner of the 2012 Climbing Editor’s Choice Award.  We’ve got the 70m Transformer in our shops now!

The Transformer is made from the transfer yarn that is typically leftover as waste in the rope making process. Transfer yarn is the length of yarn leftover when the machine used to dye yarn is switched from one color to another.  Because this length of thread has inconsistent coloring, it is discarded as waste during the manufacturing process.  These lengths of yarn can be upwards of ¾ of a mile long, and there is nothing defective about them – they just have varying colors!

Mammut has taken this yarn and turned it into a rope!  Because these threads are transfer threads, no rope is exactly the same AND the thread no longer goes to waste!

The sheath and core are treated with Mammut’s SuperDRY waterproofing treatment, has a high safety rating (8-9 UIAA falls), and has excellent handling.  At just $219.95 + tax (PG members take 10% off!), you can have a high quality, unique rope that keeps transfer yarn from turning into waste!

Product details

  • UIAA-falls (1 strand 80 kg) 8-9
  • Weight / m: 64 g
  • Sheath slippage: 0 mm
  • Impact force: 9,0 kN
  • Elongation with 80 kg: 6,8 %
  • Elongation at 1st drop (fall): 30 %
  • Proportion of sheath: 38 %
  • Type of machine: 40