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Starting September 1st PGPDX will be offering Pilates on Wednesdays at 5:00pm in the Fitness Studio

True strength comes when the body is balanced in power and flexibility. When any one of these qualities are compromised due to injury, overuse, misuse or underuse we can develop pain, decreased range of motion and sometimes develop nerve impingement. Intro to Pilates will teach you how to bring your body into balance through basic fundamental Pilates movements that will not only improve your stamina and strength for climbing but also for life. Come learn how the art of Pilates can help your body move more efficiently, and rid itself of possible aches, pains or injuries associated with the rigors of an active lifestyle. Bring your body into balance through Pilates.

Our Pilates instructor, Lu Villarreal, is an active Climber. She also skis, swims, bikes and is a salsa dancer. As a climber herself Lu is fully aware of the aches and pains most climbers feel. Forearms, shoulders, upper lats, are all Lu’s specialty and areas where Pilates helps her gain strength. Pilates utilizes strength, flexibility, and balance¬†aspects every climber can improve upon in their climbing, regardless of climbing ability.¬†Pilates 2