Gridlock Carabiner
The Gridlock Carabiner is definitely an odd looking carabiner, but it is extremely intuitive and easy to use! The patent pending design eliminates cross-loading by isolating the belay loop behind the “tail” of the gate which properly orients the belay device.  Hot forging keeps this carabiner light weight (at 76g, it weighs less than the BD Rocklock Carabiners!) and the “I-beam” spine leads into a rounded rope bearing surface so feeding rope is a breeze. Pick yours up today – it will be your go-to belay carabiner! The Gridlock retails for $19.95.  PG Members take 10% off!!!





Hoodwire Carabinerbd - 20hoodwire
The Hoodwire carabiner is another product of Black Diamond’s continuing innovation in hot forging techniques.  It IS designed to have the clipping capacity of a wire gate and the easy cleaning, snag-free nose of a keylock carabiner. Weighing in at a mere 37g, this is hot forged carabiner is light and functional, and at $8.95 is a perfect addition to any sport or trad rack. And PG members, as always, take 10% off!!!




bd atc-guide-dark-denim 2011ATC Guide – revamped for spring 2011
Black Diamond made some minor changes this season to improve on an already great device. The first improvement is the lighter weight (at 88g it is 14g lighter than the original!) achieved by machined windows through the body of the device.  The second improvement is the slightly enlarged autoblock release hole which now accepts a small carabiner. 
The new ATC guide retails for  $27.95.  PG members take 10% off!!!




PosiWire Quickdraw bd-posiwire 18cm
Just finished the Lead class at Planet Granite and looking to get outside?  Are you a veteran sport climber replacing your quickdraws for the climbing season?  Somewhere in between? The PosiWire quickdraw could be the quickdraw for you!  The keylocking positron carabiner on top makes it easy to remove from bolts and the hotwire carabiner on the bottom eliminates gate flutter and makes clipping a cinch.  The 14mm dogbone is durable and lightweight. At $12.95 each (for both lengths – 12cm or 18cm), you can get a whole set without breaking the bank!  And PG members take 10% off!!!