MT Bailout-Graffix

Bailout Crash Pad
The Metolius Bailout crash pad is great for those day trips to your local bouldering spot or long road trips to your favorite bouldering locations. It fits in most small cars and is light enough to take on longer hikes (only 9lbs). The Bailout opens to a 4ft x 3ft landing zone, has an angled hinge cut design to eliminate gutters, and has 4 inches of foam, all allowing climbers to boulder without fear. The outer fabric is super burly and the carpeting on the inside is the key for that “pre-send” shoe dust off. As a bonus, design on the outer fabric is pretty fly!

Bailout Crash Pad retails for $142.00. PG Members receive 10% off!!!
MT Magnum

Magnum Crash Pad
The Metolius Magnum crash pad is a definite upgrade from last season’s Colossus. First noticeable difference — the Magnum is a half inch thicker than the Colossus making it a full 4 inches thick! Second difference — there is closed cell foam on both top and bottom. This means the impact will be absorbed mostly by the soft foam inside, instead of your body. There are two stash pockets; the small pocket is on the front flap making keys, cell phones and energy bars secure and accessible. The larger stash pocket is on the inside flap. This is perfect for guide books, climbing tape, chalk bags or anything else you can think of. The tri-fold design makes it easier to squeeze through small spaces on the trail and means it fits into most vehicles. Finally, the 6’ x 4’ design not only makes for a HUGE landing zone, but also doubles as a bed for your tent/car/truck!

Magnum Crash Pad retails for $299.00. PG Members receive 10% off!!!

MT Torque-Nut-Tool

Torque Nut Tool
FINALLY! A company (Metolius!) put bolt wrenches in a nut tool! This is great for when one runs into loose bolts and is a must have on those mixed lines in Red Rocks or Yosemite Valley. The nose is tapered to get at those difficult micro-nuts, but also is sturdy enough to yard on those over-cammed trigger bars. The slight bend in the tool makes it easier to get behind stuck gear and the palm protector on the end makes popping gear out a breeze.
Torque Nut Tool retails for $14.95. PG Members receive 10% off!!!

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