Water bottles. They make the gym (and a lot of other) experiences way more pleasant. Having quick access to water means that you don’t have to drop everything and walk to a water fountain. If you are thirsty, you just break it open and enjoy some delicious hydration.

PG Gear Shops are now home to a new sort of water bottle – the Square by Clean Bottle. We talked to self-appointed, resident water bottle enthusiast Riley on what makes the Square such a good bottle. Here’s what Riley liked about the bottles:

  • The handle is great. It is nice and big (I have big hands) and you can get your whole hand in it. It is easy to grab unlike some other water bottles.
  • The square shape is nice because it doesn’t roll away. If it falls over, it stays. You don’t have to go chasing it.
  • The cap is easy to use – it is a half turn cap and there is no guessing whether it is closed and tight enough not to leak. It just closes and you know it is closed.
  • The square shape means it is easy to pack and stack when needed.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing. Enough said.

Another reason to love the Square? They are only $9.

Why should you trust Riley? Well, in his own words:

I’ve been going outdoors since I was 5 and water bottles are a big part of that. I have had many over the years and I know a good one. I really like water bottles.

Grab a Square at any of the PG locations! They come in green, grey, purple, or blue!