Did you make a resolution to get fit?  Well get fit and have fun!  Planet Granite offers many different classes to keep your workouts new and exciting. 

Special January CrossFit Promotion at PG SFand PG SV: Try it for FREE!
Have you seen those crazy CrossFitters lifting weights and screaming in the back of the fitness area?  Well now is your chance to join in the fun!  CrossFit is a tailorable program that works for all ages and all abilities.  Check out the following links for the special January Promotions!
PG Sunnyvale CrossFit
PG San Francisco CrossFit

Don’t forget about yoga!  Visit for details!
All Planet Granites offer a full yoga schedule!  Check out each of these links to find the class that works best for you!
PG Yoga Belmont
PG Yoga San Francisco
PG Yoga Sunnyvale

Most of all, we hope everyone had a Happy New Year!