Like a meteor shower, Warrior’s Way clinics are inspiring, intense, and give those involved a new frame to consider their everyday existence. And like that unearthly show of lights, the classes are rarely available, so when you learn of one, you must plan ahead to take part.  That’s the situation now, as Jeff Lodas returns to the Bay Area in late April to lead classes on falling and commitment.  Lodas will visit PG Portland in May.

If you’ve ever worked on a climbing project and encountered mental challenges like a fear of falling, this is the class for you.  Strong fingers and great technique with footwork are important, but so is the ability to feel fear and climb on, recognizing discomfort and keeping it in context.

Falling & Commitment Clinics teach climbers to fall safely, to assess risks more effectively, and to commit more deliberately. The clinic teach climbers The Warrior’s Way, a framework based on the impeccable use of attention that is derived by Arno Ilgner from his study of climbing and the writings of Carlos Castaneda.

To bookgo to Jeff’s website.

To find out more about the class, check out this blog from PG staffer Michael Adamson, which offers a first-person take on the experience.