*Event recap brought to you today by PG Setter Shannon EK Joslin.

BLOC PARTY SERIES 2014 concluded at PG San Francisco on Friday, 11/17.

It’s a week past the conclusion of BLOC PARTY 2014 and the excitement is STILL booming up in San Francisco.

Competitions seem to bring out the BEST in Planet Granite’s community and I’m always inspired to see so many people cheer on and encourage others in a friendly competition!

A BIG congratulations to everyone who competed and a BIG thank you to everyone who came out just to cheer their peers on!

We’ll start at the beginning: REGISTRATION.


PG Managers Kalie and Carolyn checking climbers in before the climbers check the problems out.

And then we’ll skip over the logistics (I just wanted to put in a photo of the shining, smiling faces of PG staff!) and let’s get to the meat of the matter:

Climbing 1

Everyone was super psyched on the climbs.

The walls this year were chock full of fresh grips from Rock Candy, Kilter Grips and Urban Plastix.

As the chalk will show all of the problems got A LOT OF LOVE but perhaps the boulder that really stole the reappoint show was number 32, a green compression pinch rig set by PG’s one and only Walker Emerson, ‘SMASH‘.

Walker's green one

The infamous #32. SO SO good!

The problem has it all– it looked cool, it climbed well, people looked psyched to top it out and falling on it was even okay because it meant you could climb on it again.

When Walker was asked what inspired the route he declined to state but when crusher Kearney Coghlan, the Women’s 3rd place Winner, was asked about the boulder she said she wished it would have gone on for 3,000 feet like El Cap. We think Walker would approve!

The event was visited by a smattering of local vendors including Sports Basement and Three Twins ice cream.

And there was also a smattering of prizes to be won by climbers and spectators alike through the raffle. And even more pizza to be won just outside!

Pizza and ice cream

Ice cream + Pizza = happy PG climbers!

After an evening of fantastic climbing the heat was turned up while the weather cooled down for our Onsight Finals.

*For those of you who don’t know what an Onsight final is, don’t worry! It is quite simple:

Five top-scoring finalists of each sex go into isolation. While in isolation three finals problems for both Men’s and Women’s are put up by PG’s quick trigger pit crew, I mean setters.

The finalist are then taken downstairs and each person has 4 minutes to look at the boulder and determine the intended sequence of these new climbs on the spot.

Onsighting tests a climber’s personal proficiency at reading a boulder and efficiently carrying out the moves.

The showy problems made for great entertainment and stupendous climbing!

The Men’s finalists were Giovani Traversi, Jeremy Ho, Andy Lamb, Ryan Olson and Eric Sanchez.

The Women’s finalists were Hannah Donnelly, Kearney Coghlan, Amanda Anderson, and Jenna Keller.


The Men’s and Women’s podiums. Well done climbers!


Everyone did a fantastic job in finals and the crowd was psyched!

Congratulations to Hannah Donnelly and Andy Lamb for their crushing wins and crushing grips!

Now get outside and rock climb!

*As always we want to say a BIG thanks to all our sponsors!*

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