We are excited to announce the newest page on – the Outdoor Climbing Access Page

This is an ongoing effort centered around bringing information about outdoor climbing areas to our community. According to the Access Fund, almost 1 in 5 outdoor climbing areas are threatened by an access issue. These issues range from crags being on private land to areas restricting climbing or not allowing it at all. As a climber, it is sometimes hard to know whether a spot is open or not. Our goal is to help inform our community about issues, rules, and etiquette surrounding their favorite areas. Additionally, we want to ensure that local community efforts that work to keep areas accessible are highlighted as it can take a lot of time, effort, and money to keep these spots open. It is our hope that through education we can help keep outdoor climbing accessible for years to come. 

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Read on for our official press release. 

Planet Granite Creates New Outdoor Climbing Access Page for Bay Area and Oregon

December 1, 2016: Planet Granite believes education is an important part of the climbing community’s responsibility. While we are an indoor rock climbing gym, many of our staff, our members, and our visitors spend time outdoors. Because of this, it is our hope that we can raise awareness about access issues affecting outdoor climbing in the Bay Area, Oregon and other areas our members frequent.

On November 29th, we launched an Outdoor Climbing Access Page on our website, designed to give climbers who wish to explore the outdoors some first step information on their climbing destinations including route closures, etiquette and rules. We also look to promote local community efforts that help to keep climbing areas accessible.

“Normally, this type of information is spread by word of mouth or can be found by those who know where to look for it. Since the climbing community is pretty tight knit, lots of experienced climbers who go to these areas can get the information without a problem. However, if you are new to the area or new to climbing outdoors, that information isn’t as readily available. We hope that, with the help of the community, we can become a first stop for people looking for information about their favorite crag,” says Kimberly Adkins, Marketing and Creative Manager at Planet Granit.

In 2018, our page will expand to include local favorites around our two new Chicago climbing gym locations.

As always, before climbing, seek qualified instruction with a professional guide, review the local guidebook or seek information from a local gear shop.

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