Summit Rock

Two weeks ago, Planet Granite hosted an event with renowned Sierra climber, Doug Robinson, to raise money to help the Access Fund reopen Summit Rock in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  It was a HUGE success! Together, with the Access Fund and climbing community, we raised over $3,000.

What is Save Summit Rock?  This is a climbing crag that has been closed by county officials due to Peregrine nesting.  In the United States, every other climbing area that sees Peregrine nesting follows seasonal closures, but Summit Rock has been closed year-round.  To help support our local crags and the Access Fund, Planet Granite pledged a $1,000 dollar match of raised funds to bring out nationally recognized Peregrine expert, Professor Clayton White. Professor White will survey the climbing area and make a recommendation based on his findings.  The Access Fund hopes that a recommendation from him will convince local officials to change the current closures and implement a seasonal closure at Summit Rock.

111114 Summit Slideshow 1 111114 Summit Slideshow 2
Slideshow with Doug Robinson on Thursday, Nov 3rd.

On the evening of November 3rd, climbers old and young from as far north as Napa and as far East as Wyoming gathered to hear Doug recount tales of his first clean ascent of Half Dome, his work with bird researchers on the cliffs of Yosemite, and being one of the first people to climb in the Buttermilks. The younger boulderers in attendance were amused to hear that Doug’s first ascents of many of the iconic Buttermilk formations are now the descent routes for the harder problems. Doug also shared recollections from a 1958 at Summit Rock, and he noted that “Summit Rock is of special interest to me, because it was the first place I ever climbed.” Doug’s storied climbing career attracted a small crowd of about 45 people who were all ears for the hour-long presentation.

Summit Rock 5.8

The fundraising effort, with the match from Planet Granite Gives Back $1/member/month program, raised $3,385! This is more than enough to bring out Professor White, which the Access Fund hopes to do in December or January.