Hello Fitness Adventurers! Are you breaking a sweet sweat with our Passport to Fitness challenge? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to pick up your card and get started!

What’s at stake? Our Bay Area gyms are sponsored by PrAna for the occasion! They’ve been kind enough to donate a plethora of prizes for our Passport participants. Each row completed of the Passport card gives you one raffle ticket for a chance at PrAna wear and gear.  Make sure your card also has your email on it so we can notify you if you won!

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We’re at the last week in this month-long fitness challenge, and we’re psyched to keep your motivation and your body strong. Our San Francisco Abs ‘n’ Core Instructor Alison has kindly taken the time to answer some questions you may have about the fierce task of core training! We’ll be hosting a special Bonus Challenge Day on March 1st at PG San Francisco, where you will have an opportunity to snag one free space before we wrap-up the Passport challenge. February 28th is the last day to receive credit for regular classes.

To prepare you for Bonus Challenge Day, our Abs and Core Instructor Alison has kindly taken the time to answer some questions you may have about the fierce task of core training.

What kind of benefits stem from regular core exercises?

Alison: Core training has a seemingly endless amount of benefits! Core strength a.) helps with injury prevention, b.) improvement of spinal and postural control, c.) teaches the muscles to move together more effectively and efficiently, d.) can improve respiratory function, e.) For climbing, it maintains body tension and helps toeing in on overhangs and f.) partnered with good nutrition, gives you a badass looking midsection . . . to name a few.

What can a participant expect from your class on their first day in Abs & Core?


Alison: My advice to an Abs & Core newb would be to arrive with an open mind and a willingness to be uncomfortable. The class is challenging so you will want to move at your own pace – don’t be intimidated by those around you! If they look like pros, it’s probably because they have been attending class for years. They, too, had a first day. Trust me – we have all struggled with these movements. Take your time, be patient with your body, and bring your sense of humor! If you can’t laugh at yourself then you will miss out on half the fun of the class 🙂 Bring a mat and a towel – you will sweat!

How do you keep your fitness enthusiasts motivated during a workout?

Alison: I motivate my class by being my 100% authentically weird self. I make jokes, tell random stories about the movements, and share my process for creating the workouts with everyone. I believe in what we’re doing and building together as a team, and I want them to feel like active participants in the dynamics of class. Standing at the front of a room and preaching is just not my style. I want everyone to feel like they are a part of this Abs & Core community so laughter is pretty much mandatory. 🙂 Groans, grunts, eye rolls, and random outbursts are all welcome.

What other classes would you recommend as a compliment to the Abs & Core class?

Alison: I would definitely recommend Power Yoga as a great compliment to Abs & Core class, as well as Total Body Fitness. Both of those classes will match the intensity of A&C and follow similar movement patterns. Of course, at least once a week it’s good to get in a slower-paced class for the body, and I would recommend Yin/Restorative yoga for all attendees. We have such a phenomenal yoga and fitness program at PG SF that you really can’t go wrong with any of the rockstar instructors.

What can we expect from your class on Challenge Day?

Alison: We have a very special Core Challenge coming up on March 1st that will be extra sassy (if that is possible with me) and hardcore . . . pun intended. All are welcome to come and participate as we wrap up the Passport Challenge, but be sure to bring your water bottle because these moves will be fire! Ok, I didn’t say I had good jokes, you guys . . .

A huge thank you to Alison! She’s been killing it as an instructor and she’s an incredible source of motivation. Be ready for an intense workout when she hosts one of our final Passport to Fitness challenges!

Bonus Challenge Day @ PG SF:  On March 1st at PG SF, you can stop by for one of two bonus classes that will count towards Passport to Fitness! At 6pm, Alison will be signing off for Abs ‘n’ Core classes and at 9pm, Andres will sign off for F10 Fitness! Bonus to the bonus – when you attend one of these bonus day classes, you will also get a bonus sign off! So we’ll mark off your Abs ‘n’ Core or F10 Fitness but also give you one “freebie” sign off! This is perfect for if you weren’t able to get to that last class on your card  


Written by Ashley Vail, SF Marketing Coordinator.