What is Passport to Fitness? Basically, take fitness and yoga classes and win prizes. It is as simple as that. Well – maybe not that simple; there are some things you should know:

Why Passport to Fitness?

Similar to a travel passport, Passport to Fitness has a goal of giving you new experiences. Find a class or discipline that you love so you can find your long-term motivation and continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

What do I do?

Starting Feb. 1st grab a Passport to Fitness Postcard from your gym’s front desk staff. Pick classes from the card that you would like to try or that you already know you love and go participate! Get your instructor to sign off on the class you took and then pick the next class you want to try! Don’t worry if you start late – classes are offered at least once a week so even if you get started a bit later, you still have plenty of time to get raffle tickets! 

What do I get?

For each row that you completely fill out (take all three classes on that row), you will get one raffle ticket; two rows = two raffle tickets (one for each row), etc. Get a bonus if you go to 12 classes and fill out the card completely! For a fully filled out card, you get double the chances of winning awesome prizes! So to break it down: 

  • 1 row = 1 ticket 
  • 2 rows = 2 tickets
  • 3 rows = 3 tickets
  • 4 rows = 4 tickets + 4 ticket bonus = 8 tickets total

How do I win the raffle?

Turn in your card with your name and email (we need your email to notify you if you win) clearly legible by closing on Mar. 6th. Once we have everyone’s card, we will draw for winners on Mar. 10th. Check PG social media or your email on the 10th to see if you won! Once your name has been announced, head to the gym where your name was announced and pick up your prize! 

What do I get if I win?

Bay Area: In the Bay, we have none other than prAna sponsoring this event. They have generously donated tops, bottoms (including Mojo shorts!), yoga mats, and accessories for our winners! Each gym has their own prizes so there are plenty of chances to win!


Portland: Portland is being sponsored by North Lake Physical Therapy. All participants in Portland’s Passport to Fitness are eligible for a free musculoskeletal examination (more information below). For the PDX raffle, you can win PG swag, a session with a personal trainer, or gift cards!


To redeem your free PDX musculoskeletal exam: Meet with North Lakes’ Vince Blaney, MSPT when he is in the gym every Monday after our 5:30pm F10 class. If you miss him, you can schedule an appointment for later, just be sure to bring in your passport card! If you’re unable to receive your evaluation during the month of February, you’ll receive a voucher for one free musculoskeletal evaluation when you turn your Passport to Fitness card in at the end of the month!

North Lake Physical Therapy
1622 NW 15th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: (503) 222-4640