On December 3 and 4th, the PCI Pro Clinic Series came to San Francisco for the first time, with Kevin Jorgeson, Beth Rodden and Alex Johnson. Over 40 climbers took part and the results were unanimously positive:

“The PCI Clinic was amazing. I truly did solidify a number of techniques that I “thought I had down.” But really, I missing one or two pieces that the instructors were able to notice and correct. I will definitely be back.”
– Matthew Ulery

“The climbers that taught had the great combination of being world class climbers and very good teachers. Nicely done.”
– Edward Conover

“I feel like my son learned more in one day than in an entire year of weekly lessons. In an era were sports stars are sometimes the last people I would want my children looking up to, PCI truly defines the first word in their company name: Professional!”
– Andrew Halford


We are proud to announce that the PCI Pro Clinic Series is coming back to Planet Granite on February 11 and 12! The line up athletes is world class and are among PCI’s most experienced instructors: Beth Rodden, Steven Jeffery and Carlo Traversi. Together, these three athletes bring over 40 years of climbing experience, numerous national championship titles, and ascents up to v15 and 5.14+. Most importantly however, these three athletes are world class instructors bringing a brand new curriculum to San Francisco.


So, whether you attended the last event or are new to a PCI Clinic, you are guaranteed to learn something new. For the youth clinic, the athletes will be focusing on competition strategies and techniques for success. The event and scoring format for ABS Nationals just changed, so come learn what is different how to adapt your strategy for success. For adults, the athletes will be presenting a combination of physical technique and mental strategy stations to help you take your climbing the next level. If you attended the last clinic, all of this material is brand new.

Group Intro

Here is the schedule:
9am – 3pm Youth Clinic:
4pm – 6pm Semi-Private Lessons:
9am – 3pm Adult Clinic:
4pm – 6pm Semi-Private Lessons:
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Kevin Jorgeson at