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Live Auction Fundraiser with Peter Croft

Wednesday October 5th, 2016 @7pm
PG Sunnyvale

We’re SO stoked to host Peter Croft.  A climbing legend and one of the OGs of free soloing, Peter Croft has incredible ascents that span decades to his credit, including soloing the Rostrum and Astroman in a day back in the mid 80s and completing a quick 14 hour El Cap – Half Dome link up wth John Bachar before climbing either one individually was considered “normal,” if that can ever be called normal.  The author of  The Good The Great and the Awesome, a guide to the High Sierra classics, he listed his favorite climb to do in America as the Evolution Traverse, a stunning 8-mile long High Sierra ridge traverse at over 13,000 feet of elevation, where the crux is ensuring you have enough water and deciding how light fast to go. 


asca auction compRoyal Robbins wrote about Croft, saying “Peter has been my hero for many years, ever since he came blazing out of nowhere with his stunning free solo ascent of Astroman on Washington Column in Yosemite. Tom Frost and I had made the second ascent of this route, mostly with direct aid in the early sixties. That one could climb this route without resorting to direct aid was impressive. To do it without a rope was astonishing. But such was Peter’s level of mastery. That it was mastery, and not mere daring was proven by a string of free solos of similar stature, executed to perfection.” (source Wikipedia)

His catalog of achievements is so long, there’s too much to list here!  Join us Wednesday night to hear him regale us with tales of his adventures and support a cause!

The Auction:

Planet Granite has pledged to match up to $20,000 of raised funds.  As part of this donation, we’re also hosting a live auction fundraiser!  The auction starts at 7pm, for details and to see items that have been donated, check out our Facebook page.  We’re super thankful to everyone who has donated prizes!  We accept cash, check or credit card, so come ready to support the ASCA and take home some great gear taboot!

If you are interested in donating an item or service to the ASCA, please contact us!  We need a ton of stuff to make this successful!  We can provide the ASCA’s tax ID number as well.