PG Basics Episode 3: The Back Step with Jesse from Planet Granite on Vimeo.


Welcome to week 3 of our 8 week Climbing Basics Series: the essential techniques that help build a solid foundation in climbing.

These videos are a great review for both experienced climbers and new ones!  We hope you enjoy them!  Bookmark this page so you can reference these videos later!   And don’t worry, our regular video series featuring Crux of the Week will be back in March!

Episode 3: The Back Step

 Backstepping is a crucial foot movement that will allow you to increase your reach. Utilizing the backstep improves your body position for longer moves and can allow you to climb with more accuracy rather than utilizing strength alone.

Each week we’ll also provide a drill to help you hone your newly learned skill.

DRILL: High 5 Drill

Find a neutral stance on good holds toward the bottom of the wall. Have a partner stand to one side and hold their hand up, like you would for a high five. Drive off your inside foot to reach out and high 5 your partner. With each high 5, your partner should step back a little further, making your exercise more difficult.