PG Climbing Basics Series Episode 7: Down Pressure with Ella from Planet Granite on Vimeo.

These videos are a great review for both experienced climbers and new ones!  We hope you enjoy them!  Bookmark this page so you can reference these videos later!   And don’t worry, our regular video series featuring Crux of the Week will be back in March!

Episode 7: Down Pressure

Down pressure is an incredibly useful skill to obtain. Not all climbing is pulling! Down pressure is utilized to gain a higher position for your feet, or to reach a hold inaccessible by pulling. Down pressure is most often utilized while the only holds available are near your hips or lower. By applying downward pressure on these holds, you can find a stable position to gain a higher foot or hand hold. An ultra classic move where down pressure is applied is the mantle, or while climbing in a dihedral.
Each week we’ll also provide a drill to help you hone your newly learned skill.


Mastering down pressure is all about practice and experimenting with body positioning. Walk around your bouldering or roped climbing area and find areas where you can apply down pressure. The most accessible terrain for this will be in any hard corners, or dihedrals. Try to make your own route or boulder problem utilizing only down pressure. Experiment, practice and have fun!