PG Climbing Basics Series Episode 6: Slopers with Jack from Planet Granite on Vimeo.

These videos are a great review for both experienced climbers and new ones!  We hope you enjoy them!  Bookmark this page so you can reference these videos later!   And don’t worry, our regular video series featuring Crux of the Week will be back in March!

Episode 6: Slopers

This week, Jack breaks down slopers. Slopers are a unique and especially difficult type of hand hold. They can feel insecure and incredibly pumpy. Mastering the sloper is all about maximizing your surface contact and knowing how your body positioning impacts slopers.

Each week we’ll also provide a drill to help you hone your newly learned skill.

DRILL: Practice makes Perfect!

The best way to gain confidence in slopers is to experiment with all types of them. In the video, Jack breaks down the different types of slopers you will encounter. Walk around your bouldering area and seek them out. Play around with which technique works best, especially with how your body position affects your ability to hang on!