PG Climbing Basics Episode 8: Flagging with John from Planet Granite on Vimeo.

These videos are a great review for both experienced climbers and new ones!  We hope you enjoy them!  Bookmark this page so you can reference these videos later!   And don’t worry, our regular video series featuring Crux of the Week will be back in March!

Episode 8: Flagging

Flagging is a subtle, yet very important skill to help you develop as a climber. Flagging is using one leg to counterbalance your body when no foothold is available. Back flagging is essentially the same thing, although you cross your leg behind your body. Learning how to propery flag can help you climb with more control and balance.

Each week we’ll also provide a drill to help you hone your newly learned skill.


Head over to your gym’s systems board and find two jugs or opposing side pulls about shoulder with apart. Pull onto the wall and place your left foot directly underneath your right hand, flag with your right leg and experiment with how the balance feels. Repeat on the other side.