A few weeks ago, Planet Granite’s Team descended on Vertical World in Seattle to compete in SCS Divisionals!  Thanks to all their hard work, 22 kids went to represent PG and their team!  And this weekend, be sure to send them good thoughts as qualifying competitors are headed out to Atlanta for Nationals!  Special thanks to Radu for putting together these photos for our blog!

SophiaHoermann - 14th

Sophia Hoermann – 14th Place

sami linden 15th

Sami Linden 15th Place

sam mcqueen 4th

Sam McQueen 4th Place

ross fulkerson 6th

Ross Fulkerson 6th Place

rebecca vincent 5th

Rebecca Vincent 5th Place

phoebe wong - 7th

Phoebe Wong – 7th Place

nate linden 5th

Nate Linden 5th Place

mara mckown 7th

Mara McKown 7th Place

madison cline 7th

Madison Cline 7th Place

kara herson 5th

Kara Herson 5th Place

gwynethwong - 15th

Gwyneth Wong 15th Place

garrett conover 4th

Garrett Conover 4th Place

eric low 21st

Eric Low 21st Place

courtney ceran 9th

Courtney Ceran 9th Place

connor herson 2nd

Connor Herson 2nd place

christopher duan 10th

Christopher Duan 10th Place

anthony lesik 4th

Anthony Lesik 4th Place

amanda keys 17th

Amanda Keys 17th Place

alexi likhetnberg 6th

Alexi Likhtenberg 6th Place

zoe wong 9th

Zoe Wong 9th Place

alex plotnikoff

Alex Plotnikoff 9th place

aj brundage 11th

AJ Brundage 11th Place