Planet Granite Portland Staff grilling up some food for volunteers!

Located on the Sandy River, just outside of Portland sits Broughton Bluff a popular local crag. Residing in Lewis and Clark State Park Broughton Bluff is a popular tourist attraction for climbers, hikers and families looking to enjoy the sun. The ease of access means high traffic for Broughton Bluff and noticing the overgrown and eroding climbers trail, the Access Fund called for a day of restoration and maintenance.

Joining forces with the Mazamas and Planet Granite Portland, volunteers worked from 9am-3pm repairing eroded climber trails and replanting many ferns in order to stabilize steep areas where people had been venturing off the designated path. Adam of the Mazamas, Mike Morin, and Amanda Peterson of the Access Fund Conservation Team spearheaded this necessary clean up.


The trail crew working hard in the hot sun.

Planet Granite was there to grill up burgers and hot dogs for a hearty and much deserved lunch. In between pounding in a new fence, and transporting massive ferns, climbers passing the trail crew gave many gracious thanks. Under a mess of stinging nettles, thorny Himalayan blackberry, and the ever endearing hidden batch of poison oak, Broughton Bluff is a favorite among local climbers. Trails avoiding said stinging nettle and poison oak are also a favorite among local climbers!

A few reminders on Leave No Trace ethics:

-Stay on designated trails to protect trailside plants and keep the access open to climbing

-Pack it in, pack it out

-Keep water clean: do not put soap, food or human or pet waste in lakes or streams

-Treat living plants with respect

-A campfire isn’t a garbage can

The more we stay true to our ethics outdoors, the more fun we can have. Our access to climbing is a fragile thing, so let’s not take the local crags for granted. Living in Portland makes it easy to go from office to crag in an hour or less. As continuous visitors, it’s our task to take care of these quality climbing spots. People like Jim Opdyke fight for our rights to keep climbing in areas like Broughton, Beacon, and Ozone. Many of us feel very passionately about climbing outside, utilizing these local crags to find inspiration. Take advantage of volunteer opportunities to give back to the places you love and the people, like the Access Fund, who protect them. For more information about the Access Fund or upcoming events near you, check out their website here.


IMG_4040Erin Monahan is a freelance writer and climber with a unique brand of stoke. She started her climbing love affair in Moab and now lives in Portland, Oregon as a weekend warrior. Want to know more about the girl behind the stoke? You can find her documented adventure and life lessons on her website, Terra Incognita. She’s also up for chatting about your gritty and glorious experiences too, so be sure to say “Hi” when you’re at the Portland Planet Granite.