Think you know our routesetting staff?  Maybe you make small talk with them, and try to match the initials on start hold to the face of the setter?  That’s always fun.

Next question: Have you met Planet Granite’s pensive, Ayn Rand-inspired setting guru, who not only sets super creative problems in Bay Area gyms, but, oh, yeah, also challenges the very best climbers at national comps?

It’s time. His name is Max Zolotukhin (a.k.a MZ), he’s Head of Setter Training and Development, and he’s ready for his close-up.

We’re proud and excited of Max’s (see his Twitter, Instagram) star turn in Outside Magazine‘s current issue. It’s a terrific peek inside the mind of a setter, and has some cool shots of Planet Granite to boot.

What more are you waiting for??  Oh, wait, here’s that link.