120315 - Eliot going big on Saigon Direct
liot going big on Saigon Direct

Little known fact: When not folding towels or giving belay tests the staff at PG SF really do enjoy climbing outside. With thoughts of golden granite boulders swimming in our heads, Eliot, Buddy, Maria, Stephanie Moy (aka Smoy) and myself departed from our plastic paradise in the Presidio for an epic weekend of monumental crushing.

Some say a three day weekend is too short a window to make the long drive to Bishop, I say it is most definitely worth it. The quality of the climbs, the beautiful setting and the abundance of rock make leaving the city at 4:00 am a reasonable decision.

120316 - Smoy getting the jug on Funky Tut
Smoy reaching for the Jug on Funky Tut

We all had a fantastic time and even managed a few notable sends. Our own, Buddy became a double-digit boulderer with his ascent of Center Direct, V10.  Maria and Smoy both ticked one of the hardest V3s in the world, Funky Tut. I got the classic High Plains Drifter, V7. Eliot worked on Saigon Direct, V9, which he would come back and send later that month. All in all it was a great time, and we hope to go again!

120316 - Buddy on Center Direct
Buddy on Center Direct

120316 - Jeremy on High Plains
Jeremy on High Plains

120316 - the Crew at Happy Hour

Happy Hour!

120316 - Maria on Hero Roof

Maria on Hero Roof

In between his travels around Califonia climbing crags, Jeremy Spitz can be found at PG San Francisco, where locally he is known as the Champion Crate Stacker.