What’s this?
A new and unrecognizable water bottle?  
Don’t fear! This is a good thing!


Here at Planet Granite we have your, and the environment’s, best interests at heart which is why we are making the switch to Redleaf bottled water. Bottled in Canada Redleaf is making waves in the bottling industry by introducing the first Biodegradable water bottle. If that wasn’t enough Redleaf also has a 1:1 bottling ratio which means that absolutely no water is wasted in the bottling process. This is five times more efficient then the national average which is a shocking 6:1 ratio. That means that on average it takes other water bottling plants 6 liters of unpurified water to make just 1 liter of purified water!


Still not convinced?

Just check out the website for the rest of the details or better yet grab a bottle for yourself!