Photo credit USA Climbing

We’re stoked to share some awesome news!

PG Team’s trip to Georgia for USA Climbing Sport & Speed Youth Nationals in July was a success!

There was a proud showing by our team, including solid representation on the podiums.  In the photos above, from left, Calvin Cha can be seen in second place, Ross Fulkerson can be seen taking second, PG member Alex Plotkinoff took first, and Connor Herson on the far right took third.

“They are amazing, amazing climbers, and I expected no less of them,” said Evan Pearce, PG Sunnyvale’s assistant manager and a coach of Competitive Team. “You can’t watch them climb like they do week after week and not expect them to do what they did at Nationals. They’re awesome.”

Congrats to all, and especially to PG member Alex Plotkinoff, who is National Champion for her age group in Sport/Lead Climbing after winning first place in Female Youth C!!  Nicely done, Alex!

 and a special congratulations to the podium winners:

  • Calvin Cha, who won second place in Speed, and third place in Sport/Lead climbing for Male Youth D
  • Connor Herson, who took third place for both Sport and Speed competitions for Male Youth C
  • Ross Fulkerson took second place in Sport/Lead  climbing for Male Youth B


 Photo credit USA Climbing

Congratulations also go to PG Bay Area Director of Setting Bret Johnston, seen at right in the above photo, who headed up the routesetter crew, and Portland Head Setter Josh Haynes, who took part in setting routes for the best young climbers from across the country.


 Photo credit USA Climbing