Photo Credits

Bay Area Gyms

Unless otherwise noted, photos in the sections of the site concerning Bay Area gyms Belmont, Sunnyvale, and San Francisco are by Megan Mack and Colin Delehanty.

Portland Gym

Unless otherwise noted, photos in the Portland gym sections of the website are by Boone Speed and Christine Bailey. All Portland Team and kids photos are by Alec Carrier, as are the events and kids photos in the landing page photo slider gallery for Portland.

Additional Photographers

  • Outdoor Climbing Access page’s banner image shot by Anthony Lapomardo.
  • Sunnyvale Training Area in About Us gym gallery by Willie Martini
  • Photo for “Competitive Team, 11-18 Years Old” in Kids Section taken by Coach Ryan Honda at SCS Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Selected yoga photos by Steve Chu, including on the main Yoga page banner, the Yoga pricing banner, the “Yoga Styles” boxes on the Belmont, Sunnyvale, and Portland pages, and the “New to Yoga” box on the San Francisco page.
  • Photo for “San Francisco” lower box on main “Climbing” page, and banner image for “Our Commitment” page on “Giving Back” menu by Ted Cheeseman.
  • Photo in banner above is courtesy of Marcus, a PG member.
  • Photo for Portland Routesetting banner by Stephanie Ko Pound
  • Photos for other Routesetting banners, and San Francisco exterior photo, by Eliot Caroom
  • First photo in Sunnyvale About Us gym gallery is by Andrea Laue
  • Banner photo for USA Climbing page is courtesy of USA Climbing.
  • Banner photos and gym happening photos for Passport to Fitness are courtesy of Rich Crowder.