Giving back to the community that makes us who we are is one of our core values and we strive to live that core value throughout the year through fundraising, clean ups, partnerships, and donations of time, access to the gym, and money.

Since the start of our Give Back program in 2010, we have given 1% back to the community and will continue to give back in 2018. We focus on 3 different areas for our donations – climbing, the environment, and under-resourced youth.

Overall, we donated over $105,000 in 2017. We would love to share the stories from some of the organizations that our Giving Back partnered with. 

ASCA Fundraiser

Total donated $20,000; total raised $46,000+: Helps with rebolting efforts around the world 

How do you know when to trust the gear on which your life depends?…We all thought [the bolt] was ok looking, but it came out with minimal effort. Tiny, split-shaft, buttonheads just aren’t meant to be placed in soft sandstone. There’s a glue-in bolt in it’s place now, which makes me much more comfortable with the idea of whipping all over the cruxy, direct start. This was, after all, the first and only bolt within 30 feet of the ground. Read more….

The Access Fund

Total donated $15,000+: Helps keep climbing areas accessible and beautiful

Nearly 60% of our climbing areas are located on federally managed public lands, and a growing movement of law and policy makers at the federal and state levels have launched a systematic attack on these lands. The sheer number of bills, executive orders, resolutions, and legislative rules that push to dispose, transfer, and diminish our public lands is unprecedented.  Read more….

Outward Bound

Total donated $20,000: Changing the lives of youth through challenge and discovery

“Moving forward, I know that my personal mission working for the outdoor industry is to become a better youth leader to teach the next generation about the importance of preserving our parks and break down the barriers that keep them from enjoying them. Through combining the science of restoration with the thrilling experience of backpacking, I hope to help diverse individuals to value stewardship, nature, and equity in the outdoors.” Read more….

Big City Mountaineers

Total donated $15,000, total raised $21,000: Mentoring under-resourced youth outdoors

Issa is currently preparing to serve as a peer-leader for her return expedition with BCM. Last year, she started her trip with tears in her eyes and a definitive exclamation that she wouldn’t be able to do it. After some encouragement from mentors – and learning she was capable of much more than she realized – she set her sights on even greater goals. Read more stories….

Environmental Traveling Companions

Total donated $20,000+: Getting under-resourced and people with disabilities outdoors 

Yosemite Conservancy + Yosemite Facelift

Total donated $7,000: Helps keep climbing areas accessible and beautiful

A total of 6,790 lbs. was turned in to our scales where it was sorted for recyclables. 4,253 lbs. of that was micro-trash. 2,537 lbs. of heavier trash was turned in, this included pieces of metal, concrete chunks, asphalt and other random objects. The heavy trash and abandoned infrastructure is getting more difficult to find each year. Read more….


The SharmaFund

Total donated $5,000+: Dedicated to helping underprivileged kids experience the joy of rock climbing

This climbing experience is a huge turning point for our class as a whole. In the beginning of the school year my fifth graders are figuring things out: how to be the new ‘top dogs ‘of the elementary school, adapting to a new teacher’s style and expectations, all the while figuring themselves out because they are teetering on the edge of adolescence. The rock climbing experience that The Sharmafund provides is amazing. My students are given a safe atmosphere where they feel comfortable and supported to take risks and try new things. To see my students’ faces as they succeed at something that is quite frankly terrifying to them, makes my heart burst. Read more…

Staff Clean Ups:


Thank you so much for your help in supporting these organizations and Planet Granite’s Giving Back program.