Planet Grants It!We are proud to announce Dave Anderson and his Return to Genyen Expedition has earned our first Planet GRANTS It! $5,000 grant! After pouring over many solid applications and reading through many amazing trips, we chose Dave and his dream to summit two more unclimbed spires in the Genyen Massif.   Dave’s trip is notable not just for his amazing alpine pursuits, but for his humanitarian efforts as well.  Check out his expedition video – we think you’ll be just as impressed as we are.

Return to Genyen from David E. Anderson on Vimeo.

Immediately following his summit attempts, Dave and his team will be spending two weeks in the nearby town Litang with Rinchen Chuta, a young man who runs a small language school that teaches kids Tibetan, Mandarin and English.  These three languages are important because they will enable the young people to maintain a connection with their heritage, attend higher education in China and lastly allow them to connect more with the Western world and work within the burgeoning travel industry of Western Sichuan. In addition, Rinchen plans to create a permanent education center for his students and traveling teachers.

Rinchen Chuta and some of his students.

Rinchen’s dream, however, comes with a price.  Already the groundwork has been laid – the land for the new school has been purchased, but nearly $40,000 needs to be raised to cover the costs of building materials, laborers and permits.  Dave plans to spend two weeks documenting Rinchen’s project through still images and video for a documentary.  It is Dave’s hope to help bring awareness to Rinchen’s project and raise the necessary funding to build Rinchen’s dream: the Litang Social English Training Program. When possible, Dave and his team will be sending back photos and texts of their journey.  Follow us on Facebook as we report how his trip is doing!  To read more about Dave’s trip, please visit his website.

Dkyil ‘khor Ri (peak 1)

Bka Ri (peak 2)

Peak 2