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Improve your climbing, gain confidence in pushing your limits and build strength!  This class benefits both route climbers and boulderers.  If you find you plateau at a certain height on the wall, or just have lacked the strength to pull through a difficult move, this is the class for you.

The long awaited 6-week climbing training is now coming to PG Belmont! Join Route setting foreman Danny and PG climbing team coach Dustin as they take you through 6 weeks of painful fun and intense training – it’s so brutal, it’s awesome.

Take note, this class is not for the weak of heart, but it IS for those looking to push their limits and bring their climbing to the next level.  But don’t let that scare you away!  Our instructors will custom tailor your works to fit your needs – you will max out your strength whether you climb 5.10 or V7.

The first two weeks focus on straight endurance climbing, followed by two weeks of power and finishes with the ever elusive Power-Endurance for which we all strive.  But that’s not all!  Included with this class are hangboard workouts, “Half Hour of Power” cross-training and personal attention in a small class environment.

For details and to reserve your spot, please call PG Belmont at (650) 591-3030!

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Not sure if this is a great fit – check out these testimonials from past students:

“As a result of the Power and Endurance class, I am definitely an improved climber, both in strength and skill. Though the class does not focus upon technique, but rather upon a number of power and endurance exercises, my footwork, route reading skills, and overall technique have improved considerably. When I was doing laps on routes and problems during the training sessions, I had to pay greater attention to technique in order to complete the series. In addition to an increased skill level, I find that I now have the strength to push through heretofore challenging climbs with more control and greater ease… I would definitely recommend the class to all, irrespective of strength or skill level. You will see definite improvements in your climbing!”


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The recent Power & Endurance class was super valuable for me and helped me progress on a few levels. The course was tough and I knew of its reputation in advance. But that’s what I was looking for. Something to get me psyched, focused, and pulling harder than I would otherwise do on my own. The exercises meant I was climbing more, and falling more, which also led to increased confidence. I pulled harder and went for it more, but also became more confident falling, which is important.

I also appreciated all the encouragement and coaching. [The coaches] worked well together and the class participants I spoke with enjoyed how you both interacted and pushed us. After each climbing session I dreaded the core work and pull-ups, but I knew they were necessary. It all paid off when I went on a climbing trip the final week. It was good to be strong in the mountains.”

– Tommy