Power and Endurance Training class returns to PG SF on August 10th. This intense 6 week training course will focus on improving your power and breaking through your endurance plateau.

 $165 for members/ $225 for non members (includes gym membership for class duration)
Reserve your spot soon! Only 4 places left!

  Crack Sessions  SF 110705

 Crack Sessions with setters Micky & Special K

Broken up into four 2.5 hour sessions these in depth classes will give you the lowdown on everything from basic hand jamming to the intricate balances of ring locks and butterflys. Our experienced instructors will spend each clinic in a small group setting giving personalized instruction and feedback to get you crushing your next trad project.

 8/9 – Hands
8/11- Fingers   
8/16 – Fist or Off Width
8/18 – Fist or Off Width

$35 per session for members/ $40 for non members
Sign up for each individual class or save $20 if you sign up for all 4 sessions!