We’re just past the halfway mark on Passport to Fitness this month, and we hope you’ve been taking advantage of all the opportunities to get fit while earning raffle tickets for amazing Prana gear. As the month draws to a close, make sure to attend as many yoga and fitness classes as you can to earn those tickets!

At month’s end, each gym will have a special fitness challenge to give you the opportunity to earn another raffle ticket, but also to challenge you mentally and physically.

Here to talk about the Planet Granite San Francisco Passport to Fitness Final Challenge is PGSF’s Fitness Manager, Jack Lambert. Jack has been coaching and developing fitness training programming since his time in the Marine Corps, where he worked heavily on the Marine Corps’ body composition program. He worked closely with Marines out of line with height and weight standards to develop training regimens for them that were adapted to their unique lifestyle and ability level. Jack works as a coach and personal trainer with F10 in addition to managing to the fitness programming at PGSF.

PG: What fitness classes do you recommend to Planet Granite members during Passport to Fitness?

Jack: For someone who doesn’t have any experience, doing moderate level weight lifting or cross fit, then the F10 Basics class would be the best choice. For someone that has some experience with weightlifting, then dropping in to any of our F10 classes would be perfect. And our coaches are great, they’re able to adapt to anybody who comes to the class and make sure they get as good a workout as everybody else is getting.


PG: What type of benefits can you get from F10 here at Planet Granite?

Jack: It’s not just in the gym that it changes you, but outside the gym. You know it’s more than just getting physically fit. It’s learning how to mentally push yourself past points you might not have thought you could (surpass) before. It ups just about every aspect of physical fitness and endurance you can imagine, and that directly translates inside and outside the gym into your everyday life. So, it’s really more training for life, rather than just ‘lifting weights.’

PG: So, on March 2nd at 7pm, Planet Granite San Francisco is having its final Passport to Fitness Event—what can you tell us?

Jack: It’s going to be a special fitness challenge for everyone who shows up. They’ll have the opportunity to earn one more raffle ticket.

We’re going to design a workout that’s going to test you and it’s going to push you past your physical and mental limitations for that day. It will really get you to challenge what you thought was possible.


PG: Can someone that hasn’t been to an F10 fitness class come to that challenge?

Jack: Absolutely, we will definitely make it inclusive for everybody. Anybody that shows up, no matter what ability level, we will be able to scale the workout so that you will be able to do it and it will still be challenging.


A big thank you to Jack!  We’re psyched to see what he cooks up for our Passport journey’ers!

Do you have what it takes to complete the final Passport to Fitness Challenge and earn an extra raffle ticket? We know you do, and hope to see you there!

Come to a Planet Granite Bay Area to push yourself to a new level and help us finish Passport to Fitness month right!

PG San Francisco:  7pm on Wednesday March 2nd

PG Sunnyvale: 7pm on Thursday March 3rd

PG Belmont: 6:15pm on Tuesday March 8th