We are psyched to share one of our member’s Michael Dorame’s dream project.  Currently an Indiegogo campaign, this inspiring film touches on how climbing has affected the lives of 5 individuals, including himself and another PG Member, Stacey Collver.

In 2003, Stacey Collver was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer called, “Lymphangioleiomyomatis.” At that time, she was competing in bouldering, and coaching a youth climbing team. Unfortunately, there was no cure for this disease. The only hope was to get a double-lung transplant.

In 2004 Stanford Hospital was the miracle she needed. Planet Granite graciously offered to host a fundraiser, the “Mount Everest Climb-a-thon” to help defray some of the medical cost. It was so popular it became an annual event!

Her passion for climbing & the community that came to love her got her through her illness, and on the road to recovery. While in the hospital Stacey dreamt of climbing again, which gave her the strength and hope she need live again. She eventually went back to coaching kids at Planet Granite.

This November will mark Stacey’s 10th year of survival, thanks to her donor & the local climbing community at Planet Granite. While is rock climbing with an oxygen tank she yearns for more life, and more climbing.  She hopes to get the chance at a rare second double-lung transplant in the near future.


This is just one of the inspirational stories you will hear about in “Rock-A-Holic,” an inspiring film about how rock climbing saved the lives of 5 individuals who have struggled with addiction, lung cancer or the loss of a limb from an accident. It is moving, courageous, and offers hope to anyone dealing with a life challenge. The story will make you laugh, make you cry, give you thrills, chills, and maybe change your life in a profound and meaningful way.

Like Stacey there are others who have overcome personal challenges:

*Craig Demartino – He survived a 100 foot fall, lost his leg & now wears a prosthetic leg & climbs again. He teaches disabled people to climb through Paradox Sports. He is also a pro climber for Evolv (climbing shoes etc)

*Maureen O’Reilly – She struggled with drug addiction & lost everything but got clean & sober in 1988.  She was a heli-vac search and rescue nurse helping many hurt climbers. She now works with other struggling addicts as well as continuing her nursing at a San Francisco bay area hospital.

*Ben Polanco – He discovered climbing at 14. Then started competing in climbing comps, winning in state and national levels but drug addiction grabbed him for a few years until he got sober.  Now he is a route setter at a climbing gym.  He is 10+ years sober

*Michael Dorame – After a life threatening overdose he stumbled into climbing gym, went in, took a class, got hooked, then got sober, climbed 5 days a week, was inspired to create & manages the #1 climbing group in Northern California. As a Sr Recruiter he helps addicts get jobs. Through his group he met other climbers with similar stories, & wanted to tell their stories to the world. He is 2 years and 7 months sober.


Executive Producer Michael Dorame & award winning filmmaker Chris Alstrin of “Wide Boyz” fame started an Indiegogo campaign to bring audiences everywhere a feature film about an amazing community of people who found that a dangerous sport like rock climbing could save lives. It’s about the mountains we all have to climb in our lives. It’s about the importance of community and support in a times of struggle. It’s about the strength needed to overcome impossible obstacles. It’s about the triumph of the human spirit. Climbing saved our lives. Maybe it will saved another life or two or three.

To help make this project a reality, visit the Rock-A-Holic Indiegogo campaign here:

Guest post by Michael Dorame.