Bouldering League
You’ve heard the ruckus in the bouldering area every few weeks. You may have climbed some of the Bouldering League problems and thought to yourself, “What is this madness?!” Teams like Big Crimpin’, Hand Foot Match, and Custard’s last Crimp battled it out over the last few weeks to compete for some seriously awesome bragging rights and we’re about to start session two. So, you’ve got to ask yourself:

Are you ready to compete with your friends, against your friends for bragging rights throughout the gym?!

Planet Granite Portland’s Bouldering League starts up in just a few weeks! Bouldering League is a friendly event designed to get Portland’s boulderers together to have fun and build camaraderie in a causally competitive environment. Draft your friends to build your dream team.

Here are the requirements for a team:

-Teams must have at least 3 players, at most 6.

-Teams must be co-ed.

-Teams need to have one player represent at least TWO skill categories, (TEAMS DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PLAYER IN EACH SKILL CATEGORY!)

-Each team must have a team Captain. The team Captain will be the contact person for each team. So, Team Captains, be prepared for “A lot” of “Responsibility”.

-Teams must have a team name, and that team name must be appropriate. But have fun with it! We’re looking at you  Dr.Cohen’s-100%-natural- good-time-family-climb-solution

Skill Categories:

Novice: V0-V2

Intermediate: V3-V5

Advanced: V6+

Team Sign-Ups:
You can sign up at the Front Desk at any time. Payment for the entire team must be accepted upon signing up. Cost is $25 per player, the entire team does not need to be present to sign up. [Hint: Team Captain ;)] Phone numbers and skill levels will be collected for each player upon registration.

Teams must Pre-Register by MONDAY, JUNE 15th!

Then you’re what we call a Free Agent!  If you would like to join a team, leave your contact info at the Front Desk and we’ll help find you a team! Either way, you need a team to join, or maybe your team needs an additional player!

Did we mention there will be PIZZA?

On competition nights, pizza will be served in order to fuel your sending. Wet Wipes will be provided for maximum grease removal prior to sending.

Scoring and Winners

Every other Thursday teams will compete head to head for maximum points. The Team with the most points at the end of the night, wins. The Team with the most overall points at the end of the series, is the overall winner.

In addition to Bragging Rights,  winners will receive a sweet t-shirt declaring them the League Champions!

For more details check out the website with all the information you’ll need.

League Starts TUESDAY JUNE 23rd! and will be every other Thursday to follow!

Competition Nights:

-Tuesday June 23rd

-Tuesday, July 7th

-Tuesday, July 21st

-Tuesday, August 4th

Interested in Bouldering League in the Bay? Check out our website for Bay Area Bouldering Leagues! San Francisco & Sunnyvale’s are starting soon!

Check the website here for more details!

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