Sessions with the Setters Flyer

PG is excited to announce a new series beginning this month at PG San Francisco: Sessions with the Setters!   Ever wondered who those initials belong to at the bottom of your favorite climbs?  Well here’s your chance to meet and climb with the setters themselves!

Twice a month representatives from the route-setting team will be stationed in the bouldering area to discuss two climbing related topics, answer any individual questions participants may have, and offer up some tips and suggestions. And most importantly, setters will come psyched to climb with the group!

This is a unique chance for the Planet Granite community to get to know the crew that coordinates and creates the routes and boulder problems we’ve come to know and love.  The series came about from the setters wanting to get more involved in the community of PG!  They wanted to create a window of time when both setters and climbers are at PG but drills aren’t buzzing and the setters aren’t dangling from the walls or working in a roped-off area.

The PG crew is a collection of some of the most experienced setters in the country.  With over 30 years of route setting between them and well over half a century of climbing, they’re a formidable force of rock knowledge to be reckoned with!  Use the experience they’ve gained from climbing around the world (at grades up to 5.14 and V14!) to improve and progress your climbing ability.  Feel free to ask questions on the topics of that week, ask beta on a specific problem, or simply have a great climbing session with some of the most talented climbers and setters in the nation!

In its opening month, Session with the Setters will be kicking off the series with the main setters at San Francisco:

Brian “Cuz”, Max “MZ”, Charles “CM”, Mark “MH”, Chris “Askew”, Simon “Si”.

Dates and Topics:

Sept 10 – Reading like a Route Setter and Crimping

Sept 24 – Slopers and Heel | Toe Hooks