Christmas is only a little over a week away, so if you’re like Santa and are getting ready to rapp down the chimney to drop presents under the tree, Planet Granite has a deal for you! It’s Week Five of ‘Seven Weeks of Sales’ and belay devices and carabiners are 20% off (some exceptions may apply). So tie in, make sure that your Elf helper is clipped in with a locker, and get to it!

Whether you’re mainly in the gym, pulling hard on sport, or into trad multi-pitch adventures, we’ve got the right belay device for you. With so many options to choose from, we wanted to offer some special recommendations from our team. So here are two gym favorites from our friends at Petzl. Gus from the San Francisco administrative team covers the Grigri, and San Francisco team member and setter Jack reviews the Reverso.

If you’ve climbed in any of our gyms on top rope, you’ve used a Petzl Grigri. Durable, reliable, easy to use, and with the added comfort and safety of a locking mechanism, it’s easy to see why the Grigri is so popular in and outside of the gym. The ease of rope management it offers for belaying a partner on a hard project makes it a big favorite for strong sport climbers like Gus.


“I really like using a Grigri because I feel like it’s smoother than using an ATC for me,” Gus says. “I have more control over what the rope’s doing, and I feel secure.”

Untitled“The only thing to watch out for on lead belay, is if the climber pulls up slack when you’re not ready and the locking mechanism engages,” says Gus. “It’s hard to undo that quickly, and then get the rope up as efficiently and smoothly.”

If you’re looking for a lighter, more multi-pitch-oriented device, the Petzl Reverso is a great option. The Reverso functions like a normal ATC, and then allows you set up an auto-locking belay when you’ve finished your pitch and it’s time to bring your follower to you. That feature makes it a favorite for Jack, whether he is 10 pitches off the deck or belaying at the crag.


“The Petzl Reverso is really interesting because it functions in one way as a normal ATC with some grooves in the teeth to add extra friction so that it’s a little bit easier to stop a fall,” says Jack. “But it also has this nifty feature where you can clip it into an anchor on its side, add an extra carabiner into the system, and then it serves as an auto-locking belay device if you are belaying up a partner from the top of a pitch.”


“The Reverso allows you to be free of the actual belay, to redirect it off an anchor,” says Jack. “It also allows for easy tie off in case you need to free yourself up for a rescue scenario, or anything else. You’re also not taking the weight of the climber on yourself, instead putting it directly on to an anchor.”

Two more weeks of holiday sales remain. We’ll be back next week with specials on chalk bags and buckets. Don’t forget: Whatever belay device you end up going with, you’ve got until this Sunday to receive 20% off at any of our locations. Happy Holidays!



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