We’re dreaming of a white Christmas. We love snow, but this year our Christmas wish is one where you get the right amount of chalk on your hands and fingers to finish that boulder project, tjat route on your tick list, or to just stay on the bar for one more pump out set when you’re getting your training in.

The holidays are here and we like to think it’s also sending season. With that in mind this week’s ‘Seven Weeks of Sales’ deal is on chalk bags and buckets. Whether you’re bouldering, training, or roping up we’ve got 20% off all bags and buckets for you through the end of the week and like always our talented staff have some awesome recommendations for you. PGSF Lead Supervisor Joey and Setter Damian review organic chalk buckets, and Gus is back to talk about Prana chalk bags.

The Organic chalk bucket is a popular choice in and outside the gym for its functionality and style. It’s a favorite because of its ease of use and it also happens to look great.


“The thing about the Organic Bucket is it’s basic, it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t,” said Joey. “It’s functional I can dip in to it. It’s got a great big opening and you can get both hands and just chalk up from head to toe.

Damian uses his bucket when he’s training, but also takes it with him when he’s getting on boulder problems or routes outdoors.


“I love the Organic bag because no matter where I’m bouldering or sport climbing it’s there to refuel my chalk bag. It’s lightweight, you can roll it up it doesn’t spill. Overall it’s a really great product.”

Organic is also a smaller company founded for climbers by climbers, which is something Joey really appreciates. “It’s also a smaller company and when you order from them you feel like you’re helping out the little guy and you really can’t beat the way it looks.”

Gus loves using Prana chalk bags anytime he’s roping up. He loves the size and form of the bag, which allow him to chalk up at ease even if he’s in a less than perfect stance.


“It’s a good size bag for my hands and for a good amount of chalk. I also like the shape of it, a lot of bags are kind of flat, but this one is round but not a stiff round and it kind of sits nicely and open so my hand can get in there easily when I really need to chalk up when I’m feeling desperate on a route.”

Whether you’re outside or in the gym, roped up or on the boulders we hope you crush your project this Holiday season! We hope our reviews are helping you pick the best gifts for you and your loved ones. Have a wonderful Christmas with your families and we’ll see you next week with helmets!



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