It’s Week Four of ‘Seven Weeks of Sales’ and if you’re counting like we’re counting, it’s only two and a half weeks until Christmas! If you need to carry all the gifts you’re picking up for loved ones this year, it just so happens to be ‘Packs’ week. That means 20% off every pack we carry, whether it’s rope specific, or a larger pack for a long haul.

We have some awesome recommendations for you from Jackie, assistant manager of Planet Granite San Francisco, and from Jack, a setter and team member, on dope Patagonia packs we have on sale. Today we’re featuring the Crag Daddy Pack 48L and the Cragsmith Pack 35L. Jackie is a fan of the large size of the Crag Daddy.

“So, it’s 48 liters, and while to some people that might seem like a lot, (it gives you) room for that extra layer or that extra snack if you’re going to be trad climbing or sport climbing,” says Jackie. “Those are the two things I think most people would be doing with this bag.”


“The zipper across the whole body is super convenient because it removes the (issue of when) something is at the bottom of your bag and…you’re forced to have to take everything out,” Jackie says. “It also has a rope strap on the top.  So, you can coil your rope, and you don’t have to put it inside of the bag.”


“There are two huge pockets on the side where you can add your Nalgene bottle, or your clean canteen bottle too, so that is going to give you extra flexibility to not have to shove everything in your pack,” Jackie says. “Then there’s a cool side pocket on the left, and it has two handles on the front. So it could be a rope bag, an all day bag—it’s just super versatile and durable.”

Jack likes the smaller and lighter 35L Cragsmith pack. Like the Crag Daddy, the versatility of the Cragsmith and its great options for storage, combined with Patagonia comfort and durability, made it a great choice for Jack for day trips that needed less gear.


“I love that you have the option to either top-load it, or the back panel unzips so it’s essentially a front-loading pack from the back,” says Jack. “The straps and back panel are super sturdy and comfortable.”


“It’s got a couple interesting side pockets for random stuff, cell phones, keys, all that,” says Jack. “It doesn’t fit a whole lot, but it’s enough to carry your stuff to the crag. It’s a good sport climbing pack or something to bring with you bouldering.”


“Aside from the back panel, it’s not super rigid, which means it will collapse easily,” says Jack. “I’d get it for some light day climbing but it’s not going to be a heavy-duty workhorse pack.”

Other packs on sale this week (availability may vary by location) include:

  • Patagonia Ascensionist
  • Organic Crag Pack
  • Petzl Bolsa
  • Mammut Trion Guide

Don’t forget, our special 20% off packs sale only runs until Sunday, so stop by without delay. We hope our recommendations help you make the most out of this Holiday Season’s Christmas shopping!

We’ll be back next week with reviews on belay devices and carabiners. Happy Holidays!

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