The San Francisco Marathon is happening this weekend, Sunday July 27th.  This will affect traffic to our San Francisco location until about 11am.    They are expecting upwards of 30,000 participants, so please plan your access to our gym accordingly!   Please read the below information for more details about parking and access.   The SF Marathon has also posted this traffic advisory on their website:

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RACE ROUTE: Route enters the Presidio at the Marina Gate and follows Mason to Crissy Field Ave., Lincoln Blvd. and out the 25th Ave Gate.

PARKING: All street parking and parking lots along the route will be closed during the course of the race.

ROAD CLOSURES: Mason Street from Marina Gate to the Warming Hut, Crissy Field Ave. + Lincoln Blvd to the 25th Ave. will be closed. Gates and roads intersecting Lincoln Blvd. will be closed.

900 BUSINESS ACCESS (includes Planet Granite): Access will be temporarily suspended during the course of the race. Parking will be at McDowell Stables. See this LINK for location of the Stables Parking.  

CROSS PARK TRAFFIC: Cross park traffic will use the following streets: Kobbe Ave., Washington Blvd. and Arguello Blvd. to the east side of the Presidio or reverse if coming from Arguello Gate/Presidio Gate or Lombard Gate.

GGB ACCESS: There will be NO automobile access from the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge during this event.

TRANSIT: PresidioGo and MUNI will operate altered schedule during race times.

BICYCLISTS: All recreational bicyclists will be have access during the race, but with assistance of the USPP.