Are you ready to climb?

On your first visit to Planet Granite, there are a couple of things you will need to do before you climb.

Complete a liability Waiver AND present a government-issued photo ID card.

For participants under 18 years of age…Please be sure that all minors have a WAIVER fully completed and signed by their parents or legal guardian.

If the parent or guardian will not be present, please bring a photocopy of their government-issued photo identification (for signature verification) Please note: legal guardians must present proof of guardianship to sign a child’s waiver.

Experienced climbers. Must get a belay check. Experienced belayers who are new to Planet Granite or returning members/guests who have not been in the facility for one year or more have to take a belay test to get your belay card.

New climbers. We recommend signing up for our Intro to Rope Climbing for your first visit. This class will teach you to manage the ropes. Have other questions? Check out our FAQ section!

About Climbing

First time climbing? No problem. Let’s start by going over a few basics.

How gym climbing works: There are two main types of gym climbing: bouldering and roped climbing.


Bouldering is climbing done on relatively low rocks, or “boulders.” Climbers who boulder don’t use ropes because the top of the bouldering routes are low enough for climbers to jump down. That said, remember that some of the boulders in our gyms are very tall (18 feet) so be careful about what you decide to climb. Only climb as high as you are comfortable.

Bouldering is a great way for climbers to hone their climbing skills and build strength. You do not need a climbing partner when you are bouldering, but can always find a fun group of people and a great bouldering community.

Roped Climbing

The second type of climbing you will find in gyms is roped climbing. To climb the tall walls, climbers must tie into a climbing rope and have a climbing partner on the ground managing the rope. This rope management is called “belaying”.

Every roped climber in our facilities needs a Planet Granite certified belayer managing his or her rope. New climbers who come to the gym with a certified belayer can try roped climbing without gym staff instruction, but they cannot belay.

New climbers with no belaying experience must take the Belay Lesson (schedule here) or Beginner Rock Climbing Course (schedule here) to learn rope management. Do you have prior belay experience? Great! You still need to take a belay test in order to belay at Planet Granite. Lead climbing and lead belaying require a separate lead test.

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Looking for more personalized instruction rather than a group class? We offer private coaching for all ability levels. Fill out the request form below and we’ll get you connected with the right coach to help you achieve your goals!

Please note that we are currently unable to schedule lessons for anyone under 18 years old, due to city guidelines for fitness facilities. We will be happy to accommodate youth private coaching once this policy changes. If you want to submit a request for private youth instruction now, we will be happy to contact you once we are able to offer these lessons again!

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What's this about a waiver?

All participants need to fill out a waiver and bring a government issued photo identification. The waiver is the most important piece of information. Minors must have a minor’s waiver filled out by a parent or court-appointed legal guardian. If the parent or legal guardian is unable to accompany the child, we must receive a photocopy of the signing parent/legal guardian’s government issued photo ID. Legal guardians must bring proof of their guardianship.

Don’t forget every minor needs a completed waiver!

I've never done this before, what do I need to know?

Don’t worry, we’ve classes, private coaching, and training tips when you are ready.

It's my first time climbing, what should I wear?

Welcome! We recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothing. All the equipment needed for climbing in our facility is available for rent. If you want to skip the rental shoes, you can wear your own close-toed athletic shoes on the wall (parent tip!). Helmets are always available free of charge.

Do I need to know how to belay?

There are two main types of gym climbing. While you would need someone to belay you if you are climbing the tall walls, bouldering does not require any previous knowledge or someone to manage the rope.

Please keep in mind that although bouldering walls are not as high as the tall walls, each fall is considered a ground fall. Watch our Bouldering Orientation Video to learn more about what to expect.

I'd like to climb the tall walls, how do I do that?

As a climber, you’ll need a partner who has a Planet Granite or Earth Treks belay certification to belay you. If you and a friend want to learn how to manage the ropes for each other, check out our Intro to Rope Climbing class. This 1 hour class will teach you how to manage the ropes.


What if I already know how to belay?

That’s great! We require a Planet Granite belay card, where you can demostrate the appropriate safety checks and belay technique anytime during our business hours. If you are coming with a group of people and plan on belaying for them, we highly recommend coming in on an earlier day to ensure you can belay for your friends.

Will there be a staffer available to belay if we stop by?

We do not maintain extra staff to belay. However, you can always fill out this form in advance to be matched with a private coach.


Can I drop off my child for a couple hours?

Parents are responsible for their child’s safety. We do not recommend this and are not responsible for watching your child.

I took the belay lesson. Now what do I do?

You now have with the skills to come back to our facility and climb, but first you need to pass a belay check. This is a short review where you demonstrate your belay skills. Belay checks are available anytime during business hours free of charge.