Join us for one of our slideshow presentations this week! 

Thursday, Dec 2nd – PG Sunnyvale – 8pm
Adventures on Kilimanjaro by Jeremy Shapiro

Jeremy Shapiro Slideshow 101202

Get inspired to tackle your dreams.  PG Sunnyvale member, Jeremy Shapiro, did just that.  This past year, he and 3 friends traveled halfway around the world to Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.  They spent 2 weeks there, 6 days of which were spent ascending the mountain.  Join Jeremy as he talks about his amazing trip: the preparation, lessons learned, gear used and of course, his fantastic slideshow and Q&A. 


Friday, Dec 2nd – PG San Francisco – 7:30pm
Multimedia Presentation by Spiderman Dan

photo borrowed from SF Weekly
photo borrowed from

Dan Goodwin (a.k.a. SpiderDan) has been climbing the Tallest buildings in the world. He’s ventured up the side of the Sear’s Tower in Chicago, The World Trade Center in New York, and most recently, he scaled his way up to the top of the Millenium Tower in San Francisco.  Now, he’s planning his most nerve-racking event to date…giving a Multimedia presentation to the Members and Guests of Planet Granite San Francisco on December 3rd to discuss both his climbing feats and his ideas on how to improve emergency response to skyscrapers. The event will be free for members and drifters.