130120 - Alex Iglecia

Wednesday 1/23 – FREE – 30 minutes

SuperHack your Warmup with Alex


Most athletes warm up with techniques that decrease strength and increase risk of injury and they don’t even know it. Alex will share three ways to optimize your warmup and tune yourself up for peak performance.


Saturday 1/26 Workshop

Balls to the Wall:
How to SuperHack Your Body for Peak Performance

 In this workshop, Alex will share super ways to hack your warm up and tune yourself up for peak performance. You will learn simple and powerful techniques to:


  • Improve your movement library so you don’t overuse and abuse yourself through training.
  • Activate usable strength in seconds with movement and therapy balls
  • Reduce Pain and improve the function of your shoulders and hips
  • Maintain flexibility and suppleness with minimal time
  • Boost confidence, courage, and capacity for doing more of what you love


1-3pm – North Studio
Member Rate: $35
Non-Member Rate: $45

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Alex Iglecia, MA, is a NASA engineer turned mind-body expert with 20 years of experience helping people improve confidence and live their purpose. He has taught self defense and hand to hand combat, functional training for athletes, enlightened recovery and injury prevention, Yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, and advanced mind-body skills for EPIC performance and achievement. Executives, athletes and creative movers and shakers of all kinds work with Alex out to help them make a bigger difference in living their dreams and succeeding with mission-driven.