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To comply with Santa Clara County’s new public health order, Planet Granite Sunnyvale is currently closed and will not be hosting any camps this summer. For further updates around our re-opening, please subscribe to our newsletter, Facebook, Instagram or website (click below) to stay updated on current info


Kids are natural-born climbers who can put older folks to shame with their awesome proportional body strength and uninhibited moves. Climbing is great for kids! It helps them learn patience, persistence, and confidence in their abilities.

Here at Planet Granite we offer a variety of programs for your kids and their friends to get the next generation of climbers started right, including birthday parties, parents learn the ropes, after school clubs, winter, spring, and summer camps, and Parents’ Night Off.

Is it your first time? Check out our first time page for kids to learn more!


Birthday Parties

Currently Unavailable

Parents Learn the Ropes

Parents who want to manage the ropes for their child 13 and under can book a regular belay lesson which will include:

  • One lesson for an adult (13 or older) to learn to belay
  • One day pass for a child (13 or younger) to climb after the lesson*
  • Harness for both adult and child plus shoe rental for the kids

*Each additional child needs a day pass and gear rentals.

If your child is 13 or over, they are old enough to learn to belay! Book them a spot so they can learn the ropes too!

Parents are welcome to bring their kids into the gym while they take their belay lesson provided the children are always supervised. We recommend:

  1. Drop-In Climbing Sessions [Currently Unavailable] – During the weekend, we offer one hour group sessions for climbers looking to have our staff belay them. While you learn the ropes in your belay lesson, your kids can climb with one of our staff members! After your lesson and the kids drop-in session, you can continue managing the ropes for your child at no extra charge. To book a drop-in climbing session, click here to book online or call us at 408-991-9090. Cost: $25/hr, for kids 13 and under.
  2. Bring in another adult to supervise – Parents learning to belay for kids who are not in drop-in climbing can bring in an additional adult to supervise at no extra charge.  Additional adults who will be climbing or using the gym will need to purchase a day pass.
  3. Bring your child with you to class – If your child would like to check out what you are doing, they are welcome to observe! Especially for older children, they might enjoy learning more about what goes into belaying. The first 3/4ths of the class, we will go over the very basics of managing the ropes and climbing, and there will be an opportunity for a little climbing, but mostly this is focused on knots and safety. There may not be much that would interest younger climbers for the first 45-50 minutes, which is why we recommend Drop-In Climbing for kids while parents are in class!

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Parents Night Off

Currently Unavailable

Drop-in Climbing For Kids

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Ages 4-6

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Ages 6-9

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Ages 9-12

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Ages 13-17

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We also offer Private Coaching!
Our experienced staff will work with your child on climbing and technique! Our lessons can work for one or two children, depending on your needs.

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