After about a year of working together, the duo of Kris Peters and Justen Sjong are now bringing their Team Of 2 program to gyms across the US. Their first stop, Planet Granite! The weekend of July 20-21, Team Of 2 will be hosting two different 8 hour long training clinics for our members. Each day has a max capacity of 14 spots so be sure to reserve your spot now!

SPACE IS STILL AVAILABLE!  Click here for details on the Team of 2 Training happening at PG San Francisco and PG Sunnyvale!

What can you expect in an 8 hour long training session?
What the Team Of 2 does is bring you the full package of what a full training experience is supposed to feel like. Every athlete whether they are professional or recreational needs coaching and training. You need someone to look at your form and make it better, you need someone who can relate on how you’re feeling and help you get past the obstacles that are keeping you from having success, you need someone who can look at you and know right away what your physical needs are to help improve your overall performance. Team Of 2 brings all this to you the climber! With the experience that Justen brings from his long career in climbing, and the education Kris has gone through the past 8 years to make him an expert of the human body, you will be receiving the highest grade of coaching and training that you’ve ever experienced.

8 hours seems like a long time. But rest assured, the 8 hours is not constant climbing, push ups or running. In this 8 hour long session you will be introduced to the entire program that Team Of 2 provides. From class room education, assessments, one on one interactions, notes on each participant and a personal experience that each participant will experience, this will be 8 hours of learning, suffering and camaraderie with your fellow participants.

A little about Justen Sjong

Check out this article about Justen Sjong in Climbing Magazine!  “Most top climbers aspire to free El Cap once in their lifetimes. Justen Sjong has already made two free ascents of El Cap and is well on his way to his third, the Muir Wall (VI 5.13c), which he hopes to complete in the spring of 2006. In April of 2004, he freed his first El Cap route, the Salathé Wall  (VI 5.13b/c) with Adam Stack. Soon after, in June 2004, he freed Golden Gate (VI 5.13b) from the ground up with Steve Schneider. Not content to just free hard big walls, he established Tower of Power (5.14c), a sport climb in Jailhouse (California) in November 2004.”

And this blog post about training with Justen.  “Instead, what I learned from Justen completely surpassed my expectations, challenging preconceived notions about training and pointing out a few really deep flaws in my technique and approach that I hadn’t even realized were there.”

Still need convincing??

These videos, testimonials and blog posts are all a testament on how effective and successful this duo has been the past year.

Courtney Sanders training wile she was recovering from a severe leg injury.  In this video, Kris is taking Courtney through her regimen while she was in a cast.

Athlete Chelsea Rude talking about climbing and receiving coaching from Justen Sjong.

A Blog Post by Alex Johnson talking about training with Kris Peters for the 2012 Vail WC.   “In the short amount of time I spent training with Kris in Boulder I became the strongest I’d ever been.”