And they are back!  This elite training duo from Boulder CO, Justen Sjong and Kris Peters, are returning at the end of a August for round 2 of their training program!  Last month, we hosted their Power Endurance Training Camp and this month they are coming back to train POWER.

Justen Sjong, aka “Sensei,” has been a mentor and coach to a number of staff and famous athletes.  Stephanie Pound, one of PG’s managers whose hardest redpoint includes The Juice, 5.14a, was impressed with the feedback he was able to give her.  “Until now, I thought climbing slow and steady was the best way, but Justen taught me to incorporate breath and contrast: how to power through tough moves with focused breath and then slow it down to recover.  Kris taught me how hard I can push myself.  With their training, I am better prepared to push my limits and find my peak power endurance.”

Adriel Rodriguez, one of PG’s routesetters and competitive coaches, commented, “Since taking the Team of 2 clinic, I have been super inspired to push and find my limits in all 3 areas: Mentally, Technically and Physically. I incorporate everything I learned to try to find my awesomeness throughout my training and plan to utilize it to better my climbing, as well as help and inspire others the way you guys have inspired me. Thank you.”

Kris Peters is an excellent trainer who focuses on the needs of climbers.  He understands the human body and knows how to push you to be your best.  Check out this video of him working with climbing rock star, Emily Harrington.  He is currently working with some of the top names in climbing!


Team of 2 Combo Flyer

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This exciting training program incorporates classroom education and first hand experience with the skills needed to enhance your current level of Power.

  • Art of Warming Up
  • What is Power?
  • Finding and Calming your Inner Beast
  • Ways to use Campus Board & System Board
  • Training Routines
  • Personal Feedback

Minimum Climbing Ability: V4

8 hour Program Cost: $280 PG members, $290 non-members

Locations & Dates
Planet Granite, Sunnyvale August 24th from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Planet Granite, San Francisco August 25th from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

For more details, contact Justen Sjong at


If you want to take your climbing to the next level then you need to sign up for a one one on session with Kris Peters. Current trainer of top climbers consisting of Matt Segal, Daniel Woods, Alex Johnson, Emily Harrington and many more! Get a session designed around your specific goals and get a program that will be designed to your specific needs!
Locations & Dates
Planet Granite, Sunnyvale  Wednesday August 21st
Planet Granite, San Francisco Thursday August 22nd
Book your times with Kris directly.

Member Rate: 1 Hour – $65 2 Hours – $100
Non Member: 1 Hour – $75 2 Hours – $110

Contact Kris Peters at to sign up or for more information.

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