The Coach and The Trainer return to PG in November!

*This will be their last visit to PG until March of next year!* Don’t miss this great opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry!

Justen & Kris each bring a unique style of training and coaching to their programs. They can effectively target your individual needs, catering to your specific goals for climbing.


Location & Dates
PG San Francisco – Friday, November 15th
PG Sunnyvale – Saturday & Sunday, November 16th and 17th

Team of 2 Private Sessions Climbing CoachImproving Skills
If you need a complete evaluation of your current climbing skills, sign up for a one-on-one with Justen Sjong.  You’ll gain a clear understanding of what skills you need to focus on to further your climbing and reach your goals. Check out this recent article that highlights his approach to climbing coaching.
**Includes a skills evaluation!

Athletic TrainerImproving Strength
If you want to take your climbing to the next level, Kris Peters is your trainer!  He incorporates his background in fitness to identify where climbers need to strengthen and build, combining workouts based in TRX, body weight and resistance exercises, hang board and campus board circuits. **Includes a personalized 6 week program!

Members – 1 hour $75 | 2 hours $145
Non-Members – 1 hour $85 | 2 hours $155

**Email Justen or Kris to book your session!


Program Outline & Testimonials: Program Overview & Testimonials

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, November 15th and 16th Team of 2 Youth Training Camp
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm

Program details: This exciting 8 hour training camp incorporates classroom education with first hand experience.  In the end a student will walk away with a plan on how to advance their current climbing level.
• Skills Evaluation
• New workout routines
• Competition Strategy
• What it takes to compete at an elite level

Minimum Climbing Ability: 5.11/V3 & up
Youth Members: $195
Contact Justen to sign up or for more info!
Limited to 14 athletes.

Apology to the PCI program
Team of 2 would like to apologize for our failed attempt to distinguish the difference between the two training programs in the previous document.  We believe PCI does a great job with their product and we fully support what PCI is doing for the climbing community.

Testimonials for the Team of 2 Youth Training Camp:

“What an amazing week! Urban Core Climbing Team would like to give our biggest thanks to Justen Sjong and Kris Peters from Team of 2 for the amazing instruction and inspiration you brought to our team and coaches during this weekend’s workshop. We were so honored to have Team of 2 travel from Boulder, CO and kick our butts! We are looking forward to future workshops! Climb strong!!” ~Urban Core – Emily Taylor – Owner

“We had the rare opportunity to work with Justen when he was living here in Northern California. I hired him to work with my son Joshua Levin to help him develop strategies to bump up his strength a notch and to improve his mental game for competition climbing. The work paid off alright. I was so impressed with his work with Joshua that I started taking lessons from him. I was amazed how much my own climbing techniques has improved; I’ll never forget some of his key tips, so audibly etched in memory. After working with him, I can say he’s definitely one of the top and foremost coaches in this country and we were honored and privileged to have that opportunity to work with him!” ~ Carrie Levin, mother of Josh Levin