PG Team has taken over our Instagram!  They’ll be showing off their best shots this week as they train for Sport & Speed National Championships, and this weekend when they put their skills to the test in Kennesaw, Georgia against the best young climbers in the country. The takeover will be lead by team member Timmy Kang, seen below left at the Friction Series with teammate Sam McQueen, who will also compete at Nationals.  

image 4

That’s not the end of PG/Nationals excitement: Our elite setters will be creating the routes!   Bay Area Director of Setting Bret Johnston is chief of the setting crew for this Nationals, and Portland setter Josh Haynes is also serving on the team. If you’re curious about what goes into setting for the best, read this interview with Bret about exactly that!  


PG Team will be there as well with a solid contingent from the Bay Area and Portland. First, a huge congratulations to our divisionals champs of their age groups who are headed to Georgia:

  • Ava Kovtunovich, Portland, sport champion
  • Calvin Cha, Bay Area, speed champion
  • Anthony Lesik, Bay Area, speed champion
  • Connor Herson, Bay Area, sport champion
  • Ross Fulkerson, Bay Area, sport champion
  • Timothy Kang,  Bay Area, sport champion

Other divisionals podium spots went to Bay Area Team members:

Sam McQueen, third place in sport, Ross Fulkerson, third place in speed, and Brennan Robinson with a third place in speed, as well as third in sport.  Conor Herst, who claimed second place in speed, separated by an average time of less than a second from Anthony Lesik.  Calvin Cha claimed third in sport, in addition to his speed crown.

Kara Herson and Madison Cline claimed second and third in their speed division. Madison also took second place in sport.

Now, here’s the complete list of young crushers headed to Nationals.  Go PG Team!!

From Portland: Caden Reedy, Ava Kovtunovich, and Serena Ketcham

From the Bay Area gyms:  Calvin Cha, Conor Herst, Anthony Lesik, Sam McQueen, Ross Fulkerson, Maya Sue, Timothy Kang, Jacob Scharfman, Maddie Dong, Sammie Linden, and Brennan Robinson