Hi fellow PG climbers!

I recently published a book on training for climbing: The Minimalist Training Guide for Climbers that is available at a PG gear shop near you! I hope you check it out!

Full disclosure, I’m not a crusher. I don’t climb 5.13, I don’t levitate up V-double digits, I haven’t (yet) put up a first ascent on Annapurna or even in the Valley. So why would I write a book on climbing?

Because climbing is a fascinating and powerful sport. The mix of mental, physical, emotional, and technical expertise makes it both a phenomenal practice in itself and an incredible lever to learn about yourself. Discovering how to progress toward expertise in climbing offers invaluable lessons for all aspects of life and work.

Big stuff.

But the The Minimalist Training Guide for Climbers is the opposite of big. It’s small, dense and to the point.  It offers key advise, derived from my years of learning, researching, teaching, and training, on what makes for effective training.The book is a short, action-oriented guide that combines the latest knowledge about training, nutrition, injury prevention, periodization, and fitness. At its heart is a simple tenet that we train to climb and (especially in the early stages) we train simply by climbing with a specific focus and goal – that is with mindfulness and intent. The book contains eight training principles, that range from deliberate practice to minimalism and are applied in a sample training plan, thoroughly explained and ready for immediate use.
In the end, climbing, like life, is all about community. Whether it is your partner who insures your stoke and safety, the volunteers who replace bolts on the many routes we enjoy, or the creatives who put up new routes or write about them. This book is my contribution to that community and I hope it provides a valuable addition and the start of new conversations about climbing and training.

As I say at the end of the introduction: I hope to meet you out there in the hills—exploring, investigating, learning, and having a blast!
– Ben

Grab one of these guides in any of our Bay Area gyms! $14.99 + tax ($13.49 with Member discount).

About Ben:

I have spent my life engaging in, thinking about, and teaching how to learn and train in music, medicine, academics, and sports. From this work, I’ve discovered principles that are often missed due to the continuous onslaught of information about learning. These are principles critical to improving both climbing performance and long-term enjoyment of climbing.

Prior to becoming a climber, I was a student then professional violinist. During that time, I studied and taught effective practice techniques that featured individualized training plans and core principles to overcome plateaus and transform performers.  Later as a college instructor, I expanded these principles to condense full-semester courses into weekend events, vastly improve testing ability, and encourage creative problem solving. Along the way I have helped skaters go from local talents to olympic hopefuls, personally applied these principles to become a collegiate-level tennis player in less than two years, and most recently, develop training methods to accelerate clinical expertise in medicine.

Facebook: @mtgclimbing